Our Program

Provides a physically and emotionally safe environment. Our new building is designed with pre-schoolers in mind and has proper security measures in place. Our educators ensure that all students feel supported, understood, and respected.

Nurtures. It is through caring and guidance that a child grows, learns, develops self-confidence, and ultimately thrives.

Stimulates and excites We provide an environment that fosters children's curiosity, and the joy of learning.

Offers a "child-friendly" environment with many opportunities for play, movement, and social interaction. A unique feature of our program is that all students get gymnastics and sport skills instruction at the Academy of Gymnastics. This helps children's motor development, coordination, and body awareness.

- Is a "parent-friendly," professional, and reliable pre-school program. Communication is an essential aspect of our program. We are also flexible, which means offering a wide variety of enrollment options including extra or extended hours (space permitting). We will do our best to accommodate unique issues and requests. We want to form a relationship with all parents that is based on trust, respect, communication, and reliability. We want our parents to feel comfortable that they have chosen a program that will provide their child with a caring home-away-from-home environment.

Enrichment Program

Our Afternoon Enrichment Programs offer a variety of stimulating activities such as: cooking, drama club, science, cooperative games, sign language, dance instruction, yoga, scrapbooking and arts and crafts.